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Clint Daniels

Ok, so i know i'm a little late on this one, and for that I apologize. If you haven't seen this movie you should. For those of us that grew up in the Lego era, it reminds you of your childhood and building insane objects with these evil blocks that are always in the floor in the middle of the night when you go to the bathroom.

But if you're looking for a movie that keeps you laughing, this movie is most definitely the one you want to see. Children and Adults alike will enjoy this fun filled action feature that includes Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman among the names in this all star cast comedy.

As cute as it is, it also is dumb, but it's so dumb that it makes you laugh at how dumb it is and how simplistic it is. There is a lesson at the end, at least I feel there is, that everyone should take heed. Never stop using your imagination, for if it weren't for the imagination, we wouldn't have what we have today and we will not be able to continue to learn and grow as a species.

Many adults forget how to be in touch with their inner child and get so caught up in this rat race we call life, this movie is the perfect escape from that maze that has no exit.


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