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This is Cumberbatch's reaction to the end of Star Trek: Into Darkness, and also hinting at the possibility that his character will return!

The Wrath of Khan was released in 1982, and was played on screen by Ricardo Montalban. His version of Khan was smart and strong! In 2012, Cumberbatch brought Khan back to the big screen as a more "hands on" bad guy, willing to knock you the **** out if you acted against him!

His role was hidden from the public until the premiere, but leaks surfaced just before the release that Khan will make an appearance, but it was unknown who was going to officially be him.

To be honest, when I saw Into Darkness for the first time, and the moment they revealed that Cumberbatch was indeed Khan, I got goosebumps! It was a pleasant surprise.

Cumberbatch is probably most well known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes [BBC], brought back to life by Doctor Who's Steven Moffat.

Star Trek 3 will be without Abrams though. He's currently working on Star Wars: Episode VII [If you've been living under a rock on the Forest Moon of Endor].

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