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You may have very well had the same thought I did about this movie which was should I take a chance on a children's movie and hope that there is at least some adult humor to go along with the story book ending. To set the stage I am a school teacher by day so any trips to Walmart or the movie theatre in my small town are always risking a run in. The theatre was packed with small children which is always any movie lovers nightmare . Also small pet peeve, I realize previews are twenty minutes long but if you get there during them find a seat in the front don't try and squeeze in to the upper deck and make everyone uncomfortable while you squeeze past them in the dark.

With that said the movie opens with a mini movie which made me think I was in the wrong movie which is a reoccurring nightmare after I went to see Thor only to have the marque changed after I sat down to Bridesmaids. Explained all of the chicks in there 30's in there with just my cousin and I. With all of that said the mini movie features Steve Martin as a leader of a group of aliens searching for a new home. I liked it because they didn't make it twenty minutes long like all of the pixar shorts and I would love to see an entire movie devoted to these aliens.

Now to the main course. The animation was top notch everything was crisp and well put together. Characters were very detailed and Sherman's hair alone had to of taken some time to perfect. Mr. Peabody is voiced by Modern Familys Ty Burrell which was one of the main reasons I wanted to see it. He was hilarious with bad puns that are so bad they are funny. He is also a jack of all traits from music playing to sword fighting so I really like the versatility of the character. Sherman is exactly what you would expect from a preteen. Thinks they have everything figured out. His character development is solid throughout the movie nice to see his growth.

There will be some parents that don't like this movie based on the fact in the first 15 minutes some people from the French Revolution are about to get their heads chopped off. (not a spoiler, pick up a history book). Also they talk about death or think they could die several times. I don't mind stuff like that at all. It's the world we live in got to learn about the past somehow. The adult humor is clear and in some parts I couldn't believe the subtle jabs that flew right over the children's heads and left me being one of the only ones laughing. This really will help children with history and will be a lot of familiar faces throughout the movie.

I would recommend this movie to anyone and would give it an 8/10.

Look forward to a sequal



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