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After an agonizing year-and-a-half-long wait, the sexy world of [Mad Men](series:200778) is back on our screens. When Mad Men Season 6 came to a screeching halt last year, Don's life was pretty much in ruins. But, when Don Draper hits rock bottom, there's only one way to go, right? Sex.

To help get everyone in the mood for one of TV's hottest shows all over again, here are the raunchiest scenes from the first six seasons. There are a lot of them, in case you need reminding. Don't fight the urge to smoke a cigarette after this lot!

Don Draper and a whore

In this scene from the Mad Men Season 4 premiere, freshly divorced Don Draper finds a woman who knows what he wants (what he really, really wants), and the lothario son of a prostitute ends up getting slapped by an 'escort' wearing a red bullet bra. Don might have had to tell her to hit him with more gusto, but she knew exactly what he wanted...and deserved. Kinky!

Betty and a total stranger

When Betty discovers she is pregnant, what's the first thing she does? Quit smoking and start eating lima beans, start reading baby-name books, and knitting baby attire? Nope. This is Mad Men, guys. Betty brings up the subject of abortion with her doctor, and has sex with a random man she picks up at a bar. Don has slept with everything that moved for the past three seasons, so I really don't get why we were all so shocked when this happened!

Joan and Roger

While walking through a dangerous part of town on Broadway, former lovers Roger and Joan are robbed at gunpoint by a wild-haired black man who, obscured in shadow, grabs their possessions and flees. Not all is lost, though, as the silver fox and the red fox then share a bizarre, adrenaline-fuelled backstreet romp; a passion of crime.

Don and Megan

Megan and Don were one hot pairing, like Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton; sexing in limos and the like. When Don asks to see Megan's boobies, she says "You're a dirty old man" and flashes him anyway. What's not to love about this passionate pairing!? Even if Megan does hate orange sorbet...

Sal and the bellhop

FINALLY, some gay lovin' from married closet homosexual Salvatore Romano! On a business trip with Don, Sal's self-discovery comes courtesy of an aggressive bellhop, with whom he shares some heavy petting before a fire alarm cuts short their rendezvous. On the way out of the hotel, Don spots Sal in flagrante delicto (that's doing the deed, to you and I) through his hotel window. Awkward! It's pretty shocking stuff, even by Mad Men's standards...

Bobbie and Don

Even Don isn't quite sure what happened under the dress...but at least the message is clear! Bobbie is basically violated by Don in the bathroom during a dinner with their other halves, which leads to an affair of feistily-fuelled hate f**king, which Bobbie is all too happy to continue. Even though he used nothing but his hand, he impregnated that woman with his masculinity.

Betty Draper and her washing machine

Remember when you felt sorry for wholesome old Betty, because her husband was cheating with anything available and she never got any? This is a moment when Betty takes matters into her own hands, and gets well acquainted with a vibrating washing machine while fantasising about another man. It's an unusual outlet for marital dissatisfaction...but it damn sure works for her!

Pete and Peggy

OK, so Pete's married and office romance isn't a brilliant idea (they never are). But they're going at it in the office in broad daylight, where anyone could walk in. Brilliant. Pete and Peggy's fascinating, messed-up relationship is a remarkable for number of reasons - the contrast between the raw carnality of the act and the intimacy is both insanely sexy and magnificently creepy.

So, as we welcome back Don Draper and his boozed up team of Sterling Draper Archer Pryce, what sexy scenes do you think are in store for Season 7? AMC is splitting up the Season 7 Mad Men goods, premiering the first seven episodes on April 13, and the rest in spring 2015. Excited?


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