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Brazilian website Judão (via HeyUGuys) claim to have heard from Warner Bros. Brazil that Batman Vs. Superman will be released there on April 28th, and that the Zack Snyder-directed movie will hit theaters in the US a week earlier than what has been originally announced, the new date being April 29th, which also means a week earlier than Marvel's unannounced film that had been set for that date before they postponed the Superman sequel for a year.

Is Warner Bros. fearful that their biggest movie franchise to date could be swallowed up by a newcoming Marvel film? I wouldn't doubt it for a second. Marvel's films have attained so many box office-busting records that scheduling the movie for the same date would be to set yourself up for failure, or as Marvel's The Avengers' famous last words would put it, "to court death".

Recently, Marvel's president has indirectly confirmed Doctor Strange will be one of the three unnamed Marvel projects by stating the film will probably be 13th, 14th, or 15th movie in Marvel Studios' collection of masterpiece filmography. Could Doctor Strange hold tall face to face with Man of Steel 2?


Could Doctor Strange go head-to-head with Man of Steel 2?

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