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Okay, if you watch The Walking Dead you know that this Lizzie chick is absolutely crazy. I mean, it's not every day when your sister is screaming for help against walkers and you decide to suffocate a baby... But hey, if that doesn't spell out psychopath then I don't know what does.

We all can assume Lizzie is going to kill again, she's already done it a few times now. She's not just blown an invader's brains out, but it is my opinion that it wasn't Carol who killed that pair at the prison. I think Carol took the wrap for Lizzie because she cares about her.

Now, Lizzie is probably going to pull a Billy from the comics and kill her sister. Who would've guessed that? Just about everyone, she feels like her sister is slowing them down. What some people might not think of is how Lizzie's killing spree will end... With one gunshot from another child perhaps?

He wouldn't stay in the house, he put down his mom, killed an innocent guy, told off his dad while he was unconscious...if you haven't put it together yet, then I'll tell you. It's Carl. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Shocking right? Well to anyone who has read the comics, it may not be such a surprise. Carl ended Billy's life because of all that he did. Why wouldn't he do the same to Lizzie in the show? Sure they aren't parallel completely, but I'd like this scenario to still happen!

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