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American Horror Story: College Loans
Andrea Hernandez

Our dear Nora Montgomery, Sister Mary Eunice and Misty Day!

Lily Rabe is said to star in ABC’s upcoming drama pilot, ‘The Visitors’.

Not only is this a show about defeating aliens, but is also produced by Academy Award winning Steven Spielberg! You know the man who produced or was executive producer of:

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • The Color Purple
  • Back to the Future
  • The Lovely Bones Smash
  • Catch Me If You Can

.. & the list goes on and on and on ..

Oh, and by the way: Lily Rabe is on the cast list for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 & 2 as Commander Lyme.

So does this mean bye-bye to Lily Rabe?

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