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my name is Arie / Raizorvid. I am an aspiring movie maker/ screen writer who make a fan edited video's for fun, you are very welcome to drop
Arie Dermawan

don't leave yet! the story still continues in the Final Bout!

synopsis: the Red Skull, Dr.Doom, Laufey and Aldrich Killian make a deathly alliance, recruiting Doomsday to take over the world. when the threat are this huge, Tony Stark must activate the "house party" protocol. assembling other heroes to join forces to stop the menaces. meanwhile something or someone is watching behind shadows, waiting for the right time when heroes become vulnerable to reveal himself as the master plan behind this chaotic event.....he is DARKSEID. recessived by the power of darkness, forcing Professor X to do telepath between parrarel universes. calling the Man of Steel to help regain their HOPE back again in their world. -

at first i was decided to end up the story at this point, but due so many people was asking me to do the continuity of it story so....whatcha gonna do, JL Avengers 3 is on progress!

Happy Watching - Raizorvid


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