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Before I write this, I must say that I mean no disrespect to the families of the passengers on Flight MH 370, these are just facts that are public right now.

Friday, 14 March 2014.
Over the last five days, the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been getting traction by the media due to the lack of clues surrounding the disappearance of this flight. Yes, that's correct... it has vanished without a trace.

When I first heard this story, I thought it was just another flight that crashed into the ocean, and we were hours away from knowing what happened. Days later, still nothing. The flight was being tracked as per normal when suddenly it dropped off the radar.

The Boeing 777 jetliner, with 239 people aboard was heading to China. Not a single piece of technology on this planet can now detect this jetliner, and it's whereabouts. [SAVE US ALL IRON MAN]

It may be a faulty black box that is perhaps hindering the search, or perhaps it's a terrorist take-over, which may be the case. A family member of a passenger tried calling their loved-one, the call rang out. If the jetliner crashed either into the ocean or on land, it's safe to assume their communication would have perished.

Another suggestion would be more unlikely, it may have vanished into another dimension. With the theory of Schrodinger's Cat, we must not assume but think of all scenarios as likely as each other. They have crashed and not crashed at the same time. They are taken over by terrorists and also in another dimension. [But I think we must rule out the other dimension theory, as this will be the first case]

Another scenario would be the terrorist take-over. Two young ladies were on a vacation in Thailand in 2011, and before their flight, they were approached by the Captain and Co-Pilot of the flight home. In a weird twist of fate, the very same Co-Pilot was piloting HK370. In an interview with Australian TV A Current Affair, Jenny Roos said:

‘Throughout the whole flight they were talking to us, they were actually smoking throughout the flight, which I don’t think they’re allowed to be doing and they were taking photos with us in the cockpit while they were flying the plane, when I realised that it was the exact same co-pilot… and that I had met him and been in the cockpit with him and have photos with him – that was quite shocking.’

The Co-Pilot is Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27 years old.

Fariq Abdul Hamid
Fariq Abdul Hamid

This story seems to be getting weirder and weirder.

Another scenario is that the Pilot of the doomed flight was in fact suicidal. But doesn't explain the fact we cannot find the remains.

GPS, Satellites, mapping systems, nothing can find remains. China came forward the day after the disappearance with a grainy photo of what looks like material from a fallen plane. But then later retracted the photos with Malaysian Airlines also denying the floating material in the photos.

The black box recording device, once it hits salt water should send out a beacon to alert anyone searching for the wreckage. However, if the beacon is damaged or defective than it's like searching for a needle in a large hall full of other needles.

The procedure for airline crashes is the origin of the plane heads the investigation [and in this case, Malaysia]. Reviewing the passengers on the plane, we can see that there are people with stolen passports on board. The two Iranian men do not appear to have any connection to terrorist groups, we are told by inelegance officers, but in my opinion, something that needs to be investigated more.

Will we find the plane in tact? Or deep in the ocean? Only time will tell.

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