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Tried rocking the mustache for a bit.
Marlon L

So ABC's newest dramedy Mind Games is a few episodes in and I think it's safe to say that my verdict is in....It's not bad at all. It helps that I began the show already a fan of both Christian Slater and Steve Zahn, the show's stars, but I hope this show lasts. In the future, I think it could be a nice comfort knowing that this show is on somewhere. Much like House which concluded an eight season run a couple years ago, Mind Games has a likable cast and a comedic sensibility to an otherwise dramatic premise. The stories are told in an episodic fashion with each episode fairly independent from each other. Yes, there are a few story arcs as well, as I'm sure the characters will continue to grow as the show continues. I hope that this show stays on the air. It is corny at times and not exactly edgy, but it is charming and the actors have chemistry. Give it a shot, and tell me what you think.


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