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So tonight was the red carpet event for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, and I've covered all the highlights so you don't have to go looking through hours of unimportant junk about the celebrity gossip and "Who Wore It Best or Who Whored It Best at the Red Carpet" news. So without further ado, the events of the red carpet.

  • 26 Minutes before the start time of the event, the movie's soundtrack begins playing: very ominous, action-packed music to coincide an awesome movie.
  • The two announcers talk about how much they loved seeing the film the other night. It may be a world premiere, but it seems like more of Hollywood has seen it than haven't.
  • An old trailer is played to remind us about the movie.
  • Actor playing "Indian Council Member" is interviewed. He would rather have Falcon's wings than Cap's shield. Who wouldn't want to fly?
  • Samuel L. Jackson stops on the carpet to take a selfy. Classic Nick Fury move.
  • Georges St. Pierre is interviewed. He plays Batroc, a new french villain, and talks about filming on a real ship at night for his scene rather than CGI-ing the setting.
  • The female announcer 2 sounds like she might pass out talking about Chris Evans arriving at the premiere. "He's not *pant, pant* clean-shaven. He's kind of sporting a *gasping, turning pale* scruffy look."
  • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD cast shows up for an interview. They're definitely excited for the future of the show, and reveal that they don't know things about their own characters until the script shows up in their hands.
  • The female announcer 1 keep trying to make this into a "Who Wore It Best" show, which only reflects the shallow thoughts going through their minds.
  • Actress playing Peggy Carter, Cap's love interest in the first movie, talks about returning for Winter Soldier. She will be the main character of a new TV Series based on the very character.
  • Samuel L. Jackson shows up for an interview and references last month's hilarious interview confusion. Also talks about his new indestructible, high-tech vehicle in the movie! Must be a different vehicle than the one from the trailer..
  • Winter Soldier's Directors say they were thrilled like fanboys they were 30 years ago when contacted to film. I would too!
  • Crossbones' actor walks behind the camera during the interview. Apparently, we'll be seeing his interview later.
  • Emily VanCamp playing Captain America's new love interest says the red carpet event is intense. She says Chris Evans acts just like her other friends from Boston, and was nerve-wracked working with Robert Redford.
  • Emily VanCamp waves goodbye and then announcer 1 joins in, and then realizes that she isn't leaving because she has to stay for the next interview. Good work.
  • The Winter Soldier AKA Bucky Barnes enters! He says he couldn't recognize himself with the costume, and he reveals his personal bloopers were his pants falling down and slipping off the top of a car during filming. Will those make it to DVD? I can already hear the fangirls screaming "PLEASE!" and writing petitions.
  • Chris Evans makes his way to the podium! They talk about the opening scene being him jogging through Washington D.C. Captain America is revealed to find a friend in the Falcon because he doesn't treat him like a celebrity. He complains about the TV screen below the camera.
  • Announcer 2 sounds like she wants to strangle announcer 1 because she just got to talk to Chris Evans. And begins hyperventilating again.
  • Crossbones's actor shows up for his interview! He talks about how his children treat him now that he's a villain. Apparently the elevator scene took about 7 days total to film. He assures us this won't be his last rodeo. Does this mean he will come back for another Marvel film?
  • Agent Coulson is back and living, because nobody ever really dies in Marvel films. He calls Loki a bastard. I don't disagree.
  • Cobie AKA Maria Hill shows up, and complains about the TV screen below the camera like Chris Evans did. She declares she likes fake punching people. I love her personality, she should be the next Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Anthony Mackie AKA The Falcon comes on screen, he has an amazing, hilarious personality! Hopefully some of that has been carried over to the film! Can't wait to see his intense action scenes.
  • Scarlett Johansson AKA Black Widow comes, sporting her new blonde curly hair. She comedically claims to have tried to change the movie title to Black Widow with Captain America. She recently announced her pregnancy after her recent marriage.
  • Announcer 1 thanks everyone for watching four... five... no, six thousand times before finally giving the interview segment over to a highlights of the night video as the cast gathers together to take photos.
  • The video supervisors randomly decide when they begin losing viewers to give another interview to a random star walking down the carpet with his pregnant wife. Smooth..
  • A Hollywood tour bus managed to make its way inside the barracks onto the red carpet. Well, someone's getting fired!
  • They announce the cast will be gathering together for one picture-perfect full cast photo.
  • President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige leads the cast line up, followed by the movies cast and crew onto a stage with the Winter Soldier poster as a backdrop. Some of the fangirls can be heard snapping vocal chords as Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans make their way onto the stage.
  • Finally, the new Captain America scene premieres! Watch here:


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