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When acquiring Chris Evans to play the Star Spangled Avenger, Captain America, they attempted to get him for nine films. That would include, at least, three Cap movies and three Avengers movies and beyond. Evans made it clear real quick that he would only agree to a six movie deal and has recently announced that he wants to talk a break from Cap and the Avengers after said contract. That would mean that Evans would step away from Captain America after the third Avenger movie.

BUT TODAY, we hear that the actor, Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky in the first film and The Winter Soldier in the movie that bears his name is signed on for NINE FILMS!

OK, I'm going to let that sink in, people. So, why is Stan so important all of a sudden? I'm not going to go through every spoiler laden speculation again. I've told you this was happening for the last three months. But whatever it means, BUCKY/THE WINTER SOLDIER is in it for the long haul.

Check out my speculations on the subject at the article below:,manual

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