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Ahh, The Mole Man-haha, good stuff!
Ahh, The Mole Man-haha, good stuff!

Is it just me or does the Fantastic Four look younger in some older comics?

Ever since the Fantastic Four cast was announced fanboys have been crying out about all this change and one of those "issues" was the family being "too young" or "Fantastic Kids"...which I don't understand?

Many of the comics during the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's... had young (youthful) looking characters. Remember grey hair doesn't equate OLD.

I want Human Torch to look like this!
I want Human Torch to look like this!
Reed Richards does not look that old..
Reed Richards does not look that old..

Note, a fairly recent (2007) comic book, the family looks young!

RIP McDuffie
RIP McDuffie

Should a movie depict 100% accuracy to source material?

Answer: No

How many comic book to film adaptions have you seen that were 100% true to source material that actually did well at the box office?


But, I get it because fans really want the movies to stay true to comics -right? Well let's give the fans exactly that...

Here are some scans of Reed Richards from the comics! Since the last three films didn't capture the source material correctly - We have to stay true to the comics, am I right?!



Via: ComicBookSources

"Okay, at first glance you'd assume that this is one of those panels taken out of context to warp what's really happening in the scene. Surely, there's some perfectly logical reason why Mr. Fantastic, patriarch of comics' premiere superhero family, the Fantastic Four, is slapping his wife. Mr. Fantastic must be under some kind of mind control, or that's his evil twin, or he's trying to brush that red anemone off her cheek and she's got to shut up so it doesn't go in her mouth.
In an even broader context, Susan Storm, the Invisible Girl, is being mind controlled, which explains the 80s hooker outfit but not the mullet. Mr. Fantastic has to snap her out of it, and his plan, as seen here, involves being a gigantic jerk. This being comics, his plan works, they defeat the villains, Mr. Fantastic bottles his nerd rage away again, and the Invisible Girl (now "Woman") doesn't file a restraining order. You'd think the smartest man in the world would be able to come up with a better solution for mind control than "I'll slap some sense into her," but I guess not. Oh casual misogyny in comics, where would the industry be without you?"
The interesting thing about this panel is that if you put it in its original context, it's just as bad:

Reed, a SEXIST? Remember it's SOURCE MATERIAL! This personality better be in the movie!

"You'd think the smartest man in the world would be able to come up with a better solution for mind control than "I'll slap some sense into her."


STICK TO SOURCE MATERIAL, QUICKLY! Make Sue Storm a weak woman always getting bossed around by Reed Richards! Remember, we can't crap on 50 years of comics!

This is lovely...

Awww, such chemistry..SOURCE MATERIAL!

Find some selective scans, concentrating especially from the 60's to early 70's, and you can make him look like a complete and utter ass.

The whole family is into it anyway:

Not serious - All comic book movies need to be exactly like the comics! Just like Watchmen because it did so well at the box office, sarcasm.



Fanboys, purists, nerds, geeks, trolls and whatever else you want to be called need to understand that comic book readers are the minorities in the movie theatre. These films are for EVERYONE, especially the majority, which are non-comic book readers. Comics (100% source material) don't translate well onto the silver screen.


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