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Aaron Paul is nothing like his previous character, Jesse Pinkman, from the hit TV Show Breaking Bad. But one thing they do share in common is that Aaron Paul is on a huge high right now!

As Need for Speed has it's opening weekend in the US, it looks as though it'll win the race against the Veronica Mars Movie, and burning rubber against Single Moms Night Out. From the ending of Breaking Bad, I think it was looking that [if up against the right films] anything Aaron Paul did would be a hit.

Also, I think it had me at 'hello', as I have played the Need for Speed games my whole life [Well, enough of my gaming life], and I was pleased to see it made into a movie. It kind of seemed like it's about time, too, as pretty much every video game of the 90's/00's had already been eaten up and made into it's shitty film version already.

Other Video Games I want to be made into a film:

Crash Bandicoot.

I'd love to see a mutated [sorry, miracle] bandicoot run around eating apples and crushing boxes [sounds similar to Don Jon].


I think the GTA series are bigger than film, they cost much more, and have more of a story involved as a game, but seriously, why haven't they made one yet? Seems like they're sitting on this one.

Sim City

Just a regular day out in Shaunville when suddenly a big arrow falls from the sky and demolishes our cities jail. Ha.

What do you want made into a film?


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