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It had to happen one day... Miley has finally been sued thanks to her infamous tongue. Alas, it isn't because she gave Katy Perry oral thrush with that now infamous on stage kiss. The reason is even more surreal!

A construction worker who helped create the monstrous tongue slide that features on Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' tour is suing because he was injured creating the beastly prop.

Charles Nicholas Sarris set the lawsuit ball rolling after he claimed to have fell and hurt himself whilst knocking the slide together. Apparently the poor wounded soldier was not properly warned of the dangers involved.

Personally, I'm surprised at his ignorance. Everybody should know that Miley's tongue poses a health risk, no matter what form it chooses to manifest itself in. I myself have a case of severe retinal burning from being forced to look at its fungal coating, and I've heard that anybody who comes into direct contact with it has at least 5 years knocked off their life.

Come on construction workers of the world, get educated!


I would rather lick...

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: Wikia, The Daily Mail via London Entertainment)


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