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Three seasons and countless fairy-tale characters later and now Once Upon A Time may be bringing some new characters to the show.

OUAT creators, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, have recently said that they would love to bring some of Disney’s more recent princesses to the show.

"Obviously we'd be dying to do Frozen," Kitsis gushed. "We would love to [incorporate] Merida. In a world that is filled with some of the most iconic fairy-tale characters of all time, we think that there's plenty of room in Stroybrooke for some fresh faces."

Horowitz agreed, saying,

"Whether we get to them or not, characters like Anna, Elsa and Merida feel like they could be slotted in."

(Source: E!Online)

If you could cast anyone, who would you cast as these three Disney princesses?


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