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There is so much other stuff that I could and SHOULD be writing about, but as a fan of 25 years, I have to start by recognizing this, the 75th anniversary of Bob Kane's Batman.

I've been debating whether or not to share this for well over a month now, but as embarrassing as it could potentially be, I figure it's worth it if only for a few laughs. I came up with it when someone posted some celebrity poetry and dared people, for lack of a better term, to do as well or better. I'm NOT a poet and don't even have much of a taste for most actual poetry, but as sort of a joke, I came up with a commemorative poem for the Bat's 75th. So, while I polish up my BATMAN '89 retrospective (no doubt one of many LOL), here goes nothing:


We are the Batman when we stand for what's right - Standing out in a crowd on a cold, lonely night.

We are the Batman when face down our fears - When we listen to reason with our great big bat ears.

We are the Batman when we stand at the bar - Saying no to that drink because that's who we are.

We are the Batman, in cape and in cowl - When we're fierce as a lion, yet as wise as an owl.

We are the hero that goes bump in the night - When, like Batman, we prowl just to bring others light.

Alone or with sidekicks, we go out in search - Of a place where ideals sit with truth on a perch.

As Batman, we know trouble's a cowardly lot - So as Batman, we're heroes, whether "super" or not.


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