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This list follows on from the one I did 5 months ago, which you can read here.

There are tons of movies that everybody wants to see. Its a usual discussion topic. Whether you want your favorite game to be made on the big screen or a sequel to your favorite movie. Either way, I bet there's at least one film you want to see on this list. Post comments on any of your choices!

10. Pacific Rim 2

Pacific Rim was a smash hit in 2013 and had visual effects that had movie-goers in awe at its glory. I liked the film and more gigantic robotic action is something that is welcome in my books and I'm sure most will agree? Although fans weren't keen on Charlie Hunnam, I'd like to see him return.

9. Batman Beyond

I don't think there's a Batman fan out there who wouldn't like to see this being made. With the technology of today and talented directors this film could actually work. And yes, it would be awesome.

8. Up 2

The first movie, Up, has held a place in many people's hearts. It's Pixar at its finest and this movie definitely has room to make a sequel in my opinion. I'd love to see a return from all the likable characters in this movie.

7 Family Guy

With the success of the Simpsons movie in 2010 its rather strange that haven't released a cinematic Family Guy movie. It sure has the cast and a mega fan base. I don't see why not? Maybe its in the works and they're keeping it low down. We'll see..

6. Gears of War

For all the gamer's out there (Playstation included), I know you want this on the big screen. It would have to be done inch perfect, but if it was it would be spectacular. Once again, it has a huge fanbase and a killer story. I'd see it the day its out even though I'm a Playstation fan.

5. Django Unchained 2

The first is a classic Tarentino and he's not the usual guy to do sequels (minus Kill Bill Vol. 2) but I think there's so much potential in the world of Django. Although some vital characters would be missing, we'd still have Django and his wife. No talks have been said of this sequel yet so lets stay hopeful.

4. District 10

This is a very sought after sequel. The Fan-Demand for this movie is huge. I'm one of those fans because the first was so damn good and although I've only seen it once years ago, I still remember how good the film was.

3. Black Panther

This sly, Batman looking Marvel superhero is a fan favorite over at Marvel and has yet to see the big screen. His is in much demand for a movie with tons of fan-castings on MoviePilot. He's a sure success for Marvel, but I guess they're taking their time with him to get it done right. Bravo.

2. Ratatouille 2

Another amazing Pixar film that has TONS of potential for a sequel. This film was adored by fans and critics alike. No talk has been done of a sequel, but as the title suggests, I bet you'd like a sequel (if done right).

1. Nightwing

The third superhero to make the list is another fans favorite. I love Nightwing. He's been kinda done before but not the way we want. A stand-alone movie, with a good origin story and a badass suit. That too much to ask for? Come on DC, get on it!

What do you guys think? What do you want to be made?


What do you wanna see made?


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