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I've been waiting a very long time for this day, for this movie....... And finally I lived to see it.

Guess what? I've just come back from the cinema. And what did I see? VAMPIRE ACADEMY! The best movie! And my favourite.

When it began, I was like this

It is sooo funny :D Really. It made me laugh almost the whole time :D

Lissa (to some guardian) : "I believe you can fly." I was dying laughing :D

Spiridon : "But I am an atheist. With a big gun."

I tell you something. I wish I had that kind of friendship like them.

The acting? Perfect. Now I've seen this film, I'm sure they were born for these roles. Whether it is Zoey, Danila, Lucy or Dominic. They are all awesome.

I was afraid that I would be disappointed. I had big expectations. But I was nicely surprised. Of course it's not the book, but.... you know. If it was exactly the same, it would not be that good. If you know what I mean :D

Rose and Mason. What can I say? They are perfect together. Friends forever.

And here they are. Their chemistry = perfect.

I love Dimitry's smile and the way he looks at Rose. And how he concentrates. Adrian was always the first for me and he still is. But when I saw Dimitri, how he walked with his cowboy coat.... It was just.... I can't explain it.

Christian. My sweat bad boy. I love him ♥

Look what I got. Free poster :D (excuse the quality)

Now I'm endlessly happy :) :D So, let's go singing and dancing :D

What to say to end?! I know.....



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