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Disney/ Lucasfilm, and J.J Abrams have joined forces to give birth to a new era of the Star Wars films. J.J. Abrams will be directing the 7th installment of the film series; drawing inspiration from a script draft – that, in turn, is based on an earlier screenplay by Oscar-winner Michael Arndt. As fans spent most of 2013 speculating on which actors would be involved in the project, finally, some solid choices are being made. Starting first with Adam Driver, and now it is revealed that Lupita Nyong'o has been reading for a "major female role" in the 7th Star Wars film.

The Latino review claims Lupita has been meeting with Abrams for months to read bits from the script. With readings taking place even before the Oscars ceremony. Seems to me things are going in the right direction. As the report also states the Oscar winning actress is extremely close to signing on to the project...portraying a very mysterious major player in the Star Wars universe. The Hollywood Reporter clarified that Lupita is being considered for a role that is different from that of the young a female Jedi, (which they are also still auditioning for). This role will be separate altogether, and will mostly be the role of a member of Jedi counsel.

First name that came to my mind as to who Lupita's character could be, is Adi Gallia of Corellia. Adi Gallia is recurring key player and part of the Jedi Counsel. I know the character died during the Clone Wars, but who knows what direction the movie will take.

Here is a bit of info on the character:

Adi Gallia was a female Tholothian Jedi Master during the twilight years of the Galactic Republic. Gallia was a respected member of the Jedi High Council, who served on that august body in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, as well as some time into that devastating conflict.

Whatever the role is, I hope she signs on and becomes a part of this project. It will put to rest any doubt about life and success after winning an Oscar. She's a smart woman, and makes smart decisions. I have no doubt she is familiar with the importance of being apart of the Star Wars franchise. I'm rooting for you Lupita!!

If you want to read more about the JJ Abrams, Lupita meet up, click this link


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