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Desperately awaiting the release of Batman vs. Superman
Josh White

Joshua White

ACT 1: The movie opens with Lex Luthor giving a speech about restoring Metropolis to it’s former beauty before the ALIEN destroyed it in his reckless battle with his foe only months ago. He even shows a video with John Corben, a man who was trapped under rubble for 3 days and is without legs or his left arm who blames Superman for his injuries. The presence of Aliens is groundbreaking for the world and the military will be creating an entirely new sector called CADMUS and General Swanwick is being promoted to whatever is right below Amanda Waller’s role. They also introduce Amanda Waller and she explains further on the air what CADMUS is an she says “Cadmus is a new sector of the U.S. Government devoted to researching and understanding the genetic codes and physiology of known extraterrestrial life.” Behind the scenes, we see that CADMUS is really an organization designed to take precautions against aliens, and super-humans because if Kryptonians are out there, there has to be more. At the speech we see some people in the press area guess who? Clark Kent and Lois Lane, in the audience we also see Bruce Wayne, who is looking to expand Wayne Enterprises to Metropolis donates $500 million to help with the restoration. Clark gets an exclusive interview with Bruce, and they actually become friends, but when he interviews Lex one on one, Lex blows up on him and goes on this rant about how Superman doesn't deserve the power he has, he didn’t work for it, and how he should not be allowed on this planet, of course Lex asks that this remains off the record for the sake of his image.

ACT 2: Bruce decides that he needs to re-take the mantle of the Batman from Dick Grayson, who is currently fighting crime in Gotham. Bruce and Dick have a meeting in the bat-cave where they discuss Lex Luthor and how much of a narcissistic megalomaniac he is, and how CADMUS is going to be a pain in the a**, even for The Batman. They dig up some files on CADMUS and find out that they have been around for a lot longer than they said and they have multiple projects in development titled: 1)Project Resurrection (Metallo) 2)Green Man (Martian Manhunter) 3) Project Rebirth (Power Girl and Kon-El) 4) Project Bizarro (Bizarro Superman) After they find the information they need, Bruce and Dick go to Metropolis as Batman and Nightwing to do some detective work on CADMUS and when they arrive at the location of the base and find many different things in development. As they walk around they see a tank with a baby in it (Bizarro), a big locked vault that has codes that would take hours for anybody’s tech to break but Bruce’s tech is miles ahead of Luthor’s and puts Nightwing to work getting in. Bruce finds a set of stairs to a basement of sorts where you can clearly hear screaming, drills, and someone welding metal. As Bruce descends the stairs he finds Lex Luthor, and Doctor Emmett Vale. They are working on John Corben, they have constructed him a new body out of metal from the World Engine they call it Metallo. The power source they use is new, it was also created by the world engine, it glows green, a dull green with radiation and is completely harmless to humans yet gives off the power to run an entire city for weeks. Nightwing catches up with Batman at the stairs with all of CADMUS’ files downloaded. Metallo with his vision routed throughout the cameras of wherever he is as well as naturally sees Dick coming down the stairs from the surveillance stream and rushes Batman and Nightwing, at first Metallo is winning then Batman pours acid on Metallo’s arm and frees himself and then Nightwing shocks Metallo’s core with his electric staff shorting him out.

Dr. Emmet Vale- A man who spent the better part of thirty-five years scanning the stars for signs of alien life. His practice became an obsession, and he began to believe that alien life forms were one day going to invade the planet.

This is pretty much how I imagine my closing plus this description.

This is how they meet, Batman has already fought Metallo and Superman is weakened by the Kryptonite and luckily Batman was already trying to take Metallo out. Batman decides to prepare one of his prototype suits that is later revealed to be the suit he was supposed to use to kill Superman if needed. The next day Lex releases Metallo in Gotham, and he begins to terrorize its citizens. Superman and Batman now teamed up fight Metallo perfectly using their skills to balance each other out. Superman uses his strength, and Batman uses his tech, and suit to fight Metallo in a less brute force way. Metallo knows he is about to be defeated so he uses a feature Lex added last night, a jetpack and flies to Metropolis where he takes Lex Luthor hostage and we see helicopters broadcasting it. Superman and Batman make their way to Lex Corp and find Lex in his office with Metallo threatening to throw him out of the window. Superman and Batman talk him out of it and they lock him away in a prison that was developed specifically for Meta Humans. The funny thing is that Lex created Metallo to take Superman out and then his creation turned on him and ended up making Superman and Batman more famous for saving the president.



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