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The most recognizable name in movies and merchandise is and will always be Disney. They captivated us as children and that carried on into our adult lives because let's face it we all want to recapture our childhood, no one likes feeling old. They consistently make millions from Pixar movies and their animated movies as well. Frozen is set to be released next week and has grossed $394mil on a budget of $150mil. If you have paid attention at all, you have seen Disney try and get the age group of teen to 30 range by purchasing Marvel as well as Star Wars. Even before they tried to corner the market, they released movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure that both made $1.2 mil, and $392 mill respectively. Obviously Pirates has 4 movies and NT has two, still both of those would be seen as money makers.

Let's look at some Disney movies that weren't so successful, but were in this same demographic.

Prince of Persia

Budget 200 mill

Gross $90,759,676

To us a $90 mill pay day sounds great, but if my budget is $200 million I'm expecting to gross a lot more than that. Just something to think about: Avengers budget was $220 million.... Not exactly close in quality but Avengers made $623,279,547.

What was wrong with Prince of Persia? It's not a bad movie by any means but what gets me is it could have been so much better. Disney should have never gotten their hands on any type of video game. Can you imagine if Disney came out and said they had bought the rights to the

[Assassin's Creed](movie:437814)

Franchise?? It's hurting me just thinking about it. I'm sure they would try to use Johnny Depp somewhere. It would have as much action and violence as the original.

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027)

I mean seriously Leonardo were your swords even sharp?? They should have had a disclaimer at the start of the movie. Not one foot solider will be killed in the entire movie. Back on track though the problem I have with Persia is the hype they created. My movie theater was decked out in huge banners but it's all about the opinion of the people who go that first night. Think about it if your buddy goes opening night and says dude that movie was awesome your going to go and tell your friends as well. If your friend says it was ok then your not going to go thus ending the line of telling people to go. I feel that's what happened to every movie on this list. Prince of Persia deserved more action and a more gritty story not the cookie cutter Disney story to make everyone feel better.

John Carter

Grossed $73 million

Budget of $250 million

I really don't know what went wrong with this movie. I don't know if it was people still can't take Taylor Kitsch seriously after his awful Gambit impression or just see him as the drunk football player from FNL. I personally really love this movie but I also didn't go see it at the movies. I heard the mixed reviews but that wasn't the reason I didn't see it. I just got swamped with work and didn't go see anything. I ended up buying it on Blu Ray combo just because it came with a 10 dollar off any other blue ray combo pack so I got Tron (New) on Blu Ray combo for 7 dollars. I really enjoy the concept and the animation. I like the fact he suddenly has super powers. Several people critique the scene where he falls on the surface of Mars alot, my response to those people is you try to go to a planet where you can jump hundreds of feet in the air and try to keep from smacking your face on the planet. I thought they cast well in this movie. Anything with Mark Strong and William Dafoe is worth watching. The story was great and the ending was perfect. I honestly think the critics and movie goers got it wrong on this one and just looked for a movie to take it out on. I hate it because I would love a sequel but will never see one.

The Lone Ranger

Grossed $89 million

$215 mil budget

It's interesting to note that all three of these movies got a 6.6 on IMDB. I teach math so I'm always looking for patterns in numbers and that is too weird that the three movies I select all average out to a 6.6. This was another one I heard don't go see. I feel like people just want to compare them to the best movie they have ever seen. To me I start a new page, I don't ever try to compare it to anything else because that's not fair. Critics kill me because they have a fear of liking anything other than a Hitchcock or Woody Allen film because those are "great pieces of cinema." I don't watch those based on that fact. To me the movies aren't about awards. It's about how the movie makes me feel. I watch the Losers every time I am sick because it always makes me feel better. I also love watching Adam Sandler movies because they are my find of humor. They always get terrible reviews but I don't care they crack me up and make me feel good, no number on IMDB can change that. I watched Lone Ranger being as positive as possible. The beginning was a little slow but half way through I was hooked and couldn't move from my seat. Disney thought they had a fool proof plan, Johnny Depp. Which why he is listed as the main character on IMDB confuses me. I realize on name alone, but Armie Hammer is the main character not Depp. Before you say but he is the one telling the story, The movie is called the

[The Lone Ranger](movie:24568)

....not Tonto. I did though enjoy Depp's portrayal or Tonto. Very dumb luck or right place at the right time character. I also had several laughs along the way and thought the acting and storyline were spot on. I don't see why it flopped other than the fact people gave negative first reports. Makes it better on me though hopefully I can find it used at a dirt cheap price. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Why do you think they bombed??



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