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There's a young Selina Kyle running around in the up coming Gotham T.V. series played by Camren Bicondova.

She has a strong resemblance (in my opinion) to the only decent representation of Catwoman known today, and that was Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. With this casting it's reason to believe that maybe they are going back to the roots. That being said this article isn't about the Gotham T.V. show; I have a strong feeling we'll probably see Catwoman again in the future. I'm not talking about Batman vs. Superman (working title), I'm talking about a Batman sequel after.

With the Gotham City series coming out, we know The Penguin is involved, I'm wondering if it'll lead into a future Batman movie later with The Penguin being a main villain. If that speculation is true, we'll see an older, more experienced Cat Burglar, and I think I found a fantastic actress to campaign for.

Her name is Izabella Miko. She was born in 1981, so she won't be/look too young to play an older Catwoman. She was a Ballerina before an actress, and also, has an extensive acting career. So not only would she have the grace of a cat, she'll have the acting chops to not be too cheesy.

If you're still not convinced that this...

Could look like this...

Well then maybe you should give me your thoughts and actress suggestions down below! Oh, and if you're a die hard brunette Selina Kyle fan, she looks good as a brunette too!


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