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I know this doesn't have anything to do with any particular movie, but with the multitude of superhero movies in the past decade I thought I'd put it out here. A buddy of my was contemplating the mysteries of the universe one night when he couldn't sleep. What question was on his mind? What kind of socks would superheros wear? Well, I couldn't leave this question unanswered, so I made a list. Yes, these are all legitimate brands and they all make socks of some sort.

I’ve included some secret identities and villains in this too.



The Justice League (as a group) = DC Shoes

Superman = Studio S

Clark Kent = Klutz

Batman = Kavu

Bruce Wayne = Woolrich

Robin = Teamwork

Green Lantern & Green Arrow = Dahlgren

Aquaman = Deep See

Red Tornado = Windsor Collection

Martian Manhunter = Alien Workshop

Hawkman = Blackhawk

The Flash = Speedo

Capt Marvel = Magic Apparel Group


Poison Ivy = Ecco

Mr. Freeze = Glacier Glove

Capt. Cold = Icebreaker

Catwoman = Sourpuss

Brainiac = SmartWool

Lex Luthor = LL Bean

The Joker = Happy Socks

General Zod = IZOD

Penguin = Original Penguin

Two-Face = Special Blend

Ultraman = Ultra Force

The Trickster = Silly Souls



Spider-Man = Parker

Peter Parker = Spyder

Wolverine = Point 6

Logan = Wolverine

Storm = Stormtech

Black Panther = Panterella

Capt America = American Apparel

Steve Rogers = Old Glory

Iron Man = Hi-Tek

Tony Stark = Ironman

Thor = Thor

The X-Men= X Bionic

The Fantastic Four (as a group) = Fourstar

Mr. Fantastic = Body Wrap

The Human Torch = Bonfire

The Thing = Rocky

The Invisible Girl = Barelythere

The Incredible Hulk = Gamma Sports

Squirrel Girl = Acorn

Ghost Rider = Ghost Inc.

Ant-Man = Little Me or KingSize

Dare Devil = New Balance

Swamp Thing = Mossy Oak

Silver Surfer = Quicksilver


The Lizard = Crocs

Dr. Doom = Shock Doctor

Sabertooth = Fang

The King Pin = Hugo Boss

Doc Oc = Octave Textiles

Pyro = Starter


Robin Hood = Sher-Wood

The Shadow = Shadowline

Capt. Planet = Earth

Zorro = Fox River

The Spleen = Scent-Lok

And of course, any hero can wear = Goodhew

And if all of the good and bad guys had to wear the same socks = Power Balance

Some other random ones that I thought of while doing this:

Vampires = b.ella

The A-Team = Vans

Fast & Furious guys = Carhartt


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