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Okay, so we all know about Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeah. It's gonna be freaking awesome. But one of the critical elements of this movie is going to be how the team comes together. We already know how this happens. Each member is captured by the intergalactic law enforcement agency known as the Nova Corps. The Corps is essentially the Green Lantern Corps without all the color-based pretense and, frankly, more badassery. The Novas featured in GotG will be very basic members, except for the two main leaders of the Corps, Rhomman Dey and Nova Prime herself, played by John C. Reilly and Glenn Close. But what really sparks my interest in this film is the possible implications it could have on the MCU, and one of the first and foremost elements of that impact is Nova.

Nova, or at least the one we focus on, is a human guy named Richard Rider, or occasionally Sam Rider, who chosen at random as successor to a man named? You guessed it, Rhomman Dey. Dey is dying, the last survivor of the explosive battle that tore the Corps' planet, Xandar, apart. When Rider is granted the powers of the Nova Corps by Rhomman Dey, Dey is tracking the intergalactic pirate known as Zorr, who intends to destroy Earth as he did Xandar. Dey attempts to stop Zorr, but is unable to finish the task due to the extent of his injuries, and is forced to hope in a random human to take up his cause. Rider does this, and he becomes Nova, a costumed hero of Earth and the surrounding space, fighting villains from the streets of Earth and the planets beyond.

Now, yes, Nova is on the team in the comics, but wait before you flip. I'm going to get to that.


Nova is foundational in the war against Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave. He gives Annihilus the absolute worst butt-kicking of his life, and then proceeds to kill him. So yeah. Pretty big deal.

A pretty general statement of all of point one is that if there's a big fight with an intergalactic baddie, Nova is gonna show. He did the aforementioned murdering of Annihilus, and he was a pretty major part of the Thanos War, when he led a group of heroes into the heart of a tear in space-time, sacrificing himself to close the rift.


I'm gonna level with you guys here. One of the bigger reasons why I want him to get his own movie is that he's really just cool. Freaking. Awesome.


This guy has some epic team ups. [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)? Check. Avengers? Check. FREAKING SECRET AVENGERS!?!? CHECK!!!!! Seriously, Marvel!!!!!!! This guy is ripe for the picking!!!!! Give us a Nova movie!!!!!!!!


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