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Leading comic movie insider,, reports that sources close to the project say that Fantastic Four reboot director, Josh Trank, and script writer, Simon Kinberg, are both out! Only months before shooting, they are looking for replacements on this beleaguered project.

On top of that Bleedingcool also says that there are 'casting issues from the studio'! They have no further information, but I agree with them that this is enough.

Now, sources close to Fox deny these allegations, but Bleedingcool says it's sticking to its reporting. In fact, they added a tidbit of advice to the movie company.

"Bleeding Cool suggests that if Fox really would like to stomp on the rumour, they stop approaching folk to replace the director." has reported:

"Trank, who at one point was active on Twitter, denying online rumors about the film, has deleted his account."

On top of that Screencrush did remind us that the contracts of the four actors named for the film are 'still in negotiations' and far from inked and that FOX "could potentially cut any one of them loose with little-to-no financial repercussions."

Stay tuned and I will update the situation as the news comes in!

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