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In aniticipation of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) 42 [completely random] reasons why Captain America: The First Avenger is awesome. Probably spoilerific.

1. A subtle Alien reference?

2. Cap's shield.

3. Indiana Jones feeling.

4. Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt

... in blue

... and red.

5. A sequence in a cinema.

6. A backyard fight.

7. The Winter Soldier.

8. Great change of scene.

9. A hidden Iron Man reference?

10. Stanley Tucci!

11. August alps panorama.

12. Toby Jones [is weird]

13. An obvious Matrix reference.

14. A record player & some classical music.

15. Nice setting.

16. Secret Passage behind behind a bookshelf.

17. Dominic Cooper als Howard Stark.

18. Adamantium - wait, what?!

19. Man of Steel.

20. What? Clark Kent is a German spy?!

21. A granny with a gun.

22. Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter. And that's just awesome!

23. Action with a cab.

24. A little boy. And he can swim!

25. Awesome submarine is awesome.

26. Crib sheets. Aha.

27. Cap kills Hitler.

28. Captain America comics in a Captain America movie.

30. Cap paints an ape.

31. Everything is cooler with lens flares.

32. Time is running out.

33. Epic of epic epicness.

34. A good meal.

35. Armee of darkness.

36. Awesome motorcycle is awesome.

37. A sad love story.

38. What's Star-Lord dooing here?!

39. A tragic farewell.

40. An obvious Alien reference?

41. Post-credits scene with Sam Jackson.

42. Marvellous credits.

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