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Logan Stanley

Last week I traveled to San Francisco to go see the new [300: Rise of an Empire](movie:43660) in IMAX; so yes you could say I was pretty stoked about it. I had previously watched the first 300 that day to refresh my mind. Watching the first 300 made me realize how much I enjoyed the movie. The cinematography was outstanding, and the plot line was intriguing. The fight scenes were indescribeably epic. Gerard Butler is excellent as King Leonidas, and Michael Fassbender's role as an exuberant soldier is quite refreshing. Did I mention Lena Headley as Queen Gorgo is an absolute babe? After watching the previous 300, I was juiced for the new 300. Especially in IMAX.

Well, I was partly disappointed, and partly pleased. Contradicting, yes I know. The fight scenes is what left me with that bitter feeling of disappointment that we all so dread as moviegoers. The fight scenes in the first 300 were like nothing I had nothing ever seen before in a film. So of course I was expecting some pretty monumental fights. Besides the opening fight scene which explained Xerxes' rise to a God, there was really no truly epic fight. There was a myriad of naval warfare, and that did have some intrigue to it, but not what I was searching for. The plot did become stagnate at times. I know that the plot line has historical aspect to it and I'm not bashing on that; I'm just simply stating my opinion. But the actors did do a swell job in my eyes. I felt that Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green were superb in their roles as Themistocles and Artemisia. The two had quite a interesting relationship. Overall, I would give a 7/10 for the film. Although the film lacks the legendary fight scenes the first 300 had, the acting is superb, and the cinematography is magnificent.


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