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Letter to Marvel Studios,

Marvel, Marvel, Marvel..... I hear you are going head to head with DC/Warner Bros and calling them out to a movie fight. Why? For the last decade you have proven that you know what you're doing in terms of box office and demolishing anything that has so much of a leak or peep from DC/WB. To state that you want to publicly spit on them, and not just talking about regular hawk spit from dry mouth...No, you went within and actually pulled from the essence of spit-dom and added mucus in it, by, not using [The Avengers 3](movie:738027), Not [Iron Man 4](movie:886190) (Two very successful franchise character movie)...Oh nooo, You plan to use motha (bleep)in Captain America franchise character movie to go head to head with "ICONIC" Batman and my beloved character Superman. Captain America??! Balls I tell ya, you guys have some steel plated, kryptonite laced balls for that!

But, I say to you Marvel..........SPIT..........THE (BEEP)...........ON!

I scream this out for all the DC fans out there for our total disgust on how Warner Bros has taken our childhood characters for a whirlwind and still have no formula to legitimize that DC has a precedence platform in the film world. But, instead of coming up with a formulaic approach, they rather rape us as if we are 6 years old, on the lap of an unstable Uncle named Larry. Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Superman Returns, and oh God no....Green Lantern!!? (This is the only time you will see this title bold, smh!)

Are you (Beep)in kidding me?

All movies mentioned, a 200Mil plus budget films and all, and I hate to say it for one (cough, Superman Returns, cough), all of them terrible beyond terrible? Even with both Ghost Riders and Dare Devil, you still make good because nothing was worse than Green Lantern! Super Mario Bros movie was better than Green Lantern. Alf The Musical is better than Green Lantern. The Smurfs go to Hell is better than Green Lantern! Spongebob eats Cats is better than Green get the picture.

So what would be the purpose to mucus, with a dabble of blood, spit on them? To perhaps after see the fluids drip down into the pores of the executives and nailing the casket for good? To witness the collapse and destruction of the superhero franchise, forcing DC/WB to just stick with video games and animated series, and television? As much is my heart is heavy to even conjure these words, I really don't see the need to be an accomplice to death, when DC/WB will end up being a self inflicted case.

After Batman Vs Superman has come and gone, Marvel, you and I know that there will be no Justice League in the horizon. Unless, you are afraid of something...(which I don't think that is the case since you have had a successful track record), perhaps your efforts should be focused on attaining your own characters back from Sinister Sony.

When that happens, DC/WB will be a faded memory in Kevin Spacey's "What the hell was I thinking doing that Movie" box of no-no don't do that ever again.

Yours Truly,

-A Very Pissed Off Fan of DC Who Says "F" It!


I really do hope that I am wrong...


What are your feelings on the letter?


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