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Last week, I posited the theory that Captain America will die in [The Avengers 3](movie:738027), and that Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, would be taking up his shield, just as he does in the comics. All the major players are in place in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), and Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan is pretty sure he's inked to a whopping 9-picture deal, as opposed to current Cap Chris Evans' 6-picture deal.

Today brings another intriguing tidbit that continues to fuel the fires: Much like actor Tom Hiddleston trying out for Thor and landing the role of Loki, Stan originally tried out for the role of Captain America himself as he revealed to AMC's Movie Talk:

It didn’t work out, I was really bummed at the time, and then a couple days later I got this phone call. I never grew up with the comic books…that being said, I didn’t know anything about Bucky Barnes whatsoever…I might have gotten pretty lucky in this situation, actually.

So it appears that, exactly as with Hiddleston, he wasn't quite right for the role of the lead superhero, but Marvel saw in him something worth putting faith in. But for the record, he didn't even know he'd be in more than one film until two years after the first Captain America film hit theaters:

I actually found out two years after the first movie. Obviously I was familiar with the storyline…but I had no idea what time…I always tell people, for me, it’s very similar, actually, to The Winter Soldier. I get that phone call and then a time and a place and I show up.

And then the biggest tease of all:

For the Winter Soldier, this is very much an introductory film, and in that sense we’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg there, in terms of [his and Black Widow’s] ties, per se, but there are definitely some points that are very recognizable if you’ve read the comic books.

So, they're bringing in elements directly from the comic books, you say? I don't know about you, but this is sounding more and more as if Bucky will be stepping into Cap's role at some point in the next few years. In any case, it's certain we'll be seeing the Winter Soldier reappear in future films, most probably in a long-term role.

Do you think Sebastian Stan has the "it" factor to take over the shield from Chris Evans? I suspect his performance in The Winter Soldier will blow audiences away. Do you think he can pull it off?

Let me know in the comments and on Twitter.


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