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The Walking Dead helmer Robert Kirkman has shattered the dreams of those who wish for a Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene romance by saying that the odds of this happening, are pretty damn slim.

In an interview, the honorable Kirkman- who tends to be more honest with fans of the show, as opposed to teasing them with dead ends and empty promises- said that he was highly doubtful of this coming together.

As state:

It's not just because of the age difference and because Carol remains out there in the world (at least for now), but because they’ve been separated and, as far as we’ve seen so far, Daryl hasn’t made it his top priority to find her just yet.

Here's what Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly (via

They’re growing close, just as anyone who is stuck in that situation would grow close. Now whether or not that is going to evolve into a romantic relationship remains to be seen. They’ve already been separated, so my hopes for that to happen are pretty low. There’s a pretty slim chance of that relationship coming together and it continues the narrative of poor old Daryl is unlucky in love. But they’re definitely clinging to each other for survival and growing a bond that forms when you’re in that kind of situation.

Regardless of Carol’s fate, pure logic suggests that Carl and Rick should be reunited with Judith, otherwise it would render the prison win pointless. But it's an interesting idea nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on the suggested Walking Dead love match?


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