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Bizarre about turns are a given when you enter Charlie Sheen territory, but the latest schizophrenic change of heart is an absolute stunner. According the TMZ, Sheen has extended the olive branch to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

That is the same Brooke Mueller who Sheen accused of doing drugs whilst pregnant last month, the same Brooke Mueller who he assaulted in 2009, and the same Brooke Mueller who got a restraining order against the [Anger Management](series:206670) star because he was 'insane'. Just to clarify.

Brooke and Charlie with the kids in 2011
Brooke and Charlie with the kids in 2011

Apparently uniting against a common enemy has brought the turbulent pair together again, and now they are finally capable of being 'friends'.

The former couple reunited to host a birthday party for their twin boys, Bob and Max on Saturday and it is reported that they were getting on like a house on fire.

TMZ claims that their hatred of Denise Richards has been a soothing balm on the ex couples wounded relationship. Sheen is currently tearing into Richards because she will not let him have enough access to his daughters, whereas Brooke is not a fan of Denise stepping in as her boys second mom while she was in rehab.

Denise Richards with Bob and Max
Denise Richards with Bob and Max

Hatred of another person doesn't seem to be a stable foundation for a new relationship, especially with the velocity that Sheen switches sides, but I hope for the troubled boys sake that Brooke and Sheen can keep this up.

Do you guys really think that Richards deserves to be the object of their hatred though? She did Brooke a massive favor by preventing her children being taken into care while she was in rehab and Sheen was an unsuitable parent.

Does anybody smell a scapegoat for the couples fury? They have made a pretty disastrous bed for themselves regarding their children and it must be hard to face the truth.


(Source: TMZ)

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