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You don't need a camouflaged tent or a telescopic lens to be an avid Dobrev spotter, the quirky actress does all he work for us via her Twitter and Whosay accounts.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star took her own take on the 'throw back Thursday' trend beloved of celebs. Not one to be outdone, Nina Dobrev wasn't merely looking back 5 years or so, she took things back to the 1400s!

In a photo posted to her Whosay account captioned;

to the 1400's when Katherine was knocked up.

Wait a second ... Is that a beer belly or is @Tytheprince11 pregnant too?

Nina can be seen posing with her close friend Ty Armstead whilst wearing a prosthetic belly, but Ty also seems to be in the family condition. Whether he also hit the wardrobe department or is carrying a Budweiser baby as Dobrev suggested is unclear, but the picture is definitely hilarious!

One things for sure, the huge red truck in the background definitely destroys the period illusion created by Dobrev's gorgeous maternity gown!

Don't you guys just love how Dobrev shares so many hilarious behind the scenes moments with her fans? I see so much of her day-to -day life that Nina almost seems like that long lost friend who is far to busy and successful to call. Anyone else know what I mean?


Nina Dobrev's social media presence is...

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