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College students? An abandoned insane asylum? Brad Dourif? That's already three of the essential ingredients for a good ol' fashioned horror flick. It also happens to be the ingredients which make up Peter Hurd's The Control Group.

Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, is on to play the villainous role of Dr Broward, while Monique Candelaria, Taso N. Stravrakis and Jenna Enemy also star.

Today we get a look at a new poster and a synopsis. Check them out below:

Five college students wake up in an abandoned insane asylum and soon discover that they're part of a sinister government experiment. However, when a supernatural force takes control of the corpses in the asylum, the teens' captors become their reluctant allies in a struggle for survival.

What do you think to this? An intriguing project, or the same old horror cliches? Let us know below.

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Horror set in an abandoned asylum?


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