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I love Evil Dead so much, that when I was a kid, the very first movie poster I ever saved up movey for was the original release "Evil Dead" print, even though the first one wasn't even how I was introduced to the series. Ya see, I had just couple movies at my grandparents house I could watch as a kid. Which consisted of 101 Dalmatians, The Land Before Time, and Ash vs The Army of Darkness. Your judgments aside this a was the penultimate of my VHS collection in the early 90's, thank you, and yes I had 3 Ninjas at my parents house but I digress. What John Wayne was to the previous generation, "Ash Williams" and his double barreled handicapable anti-hero badassness was to me. So, what I am trying to say here is that there needs to be an Evil Dead series of some kind, call it "Ash vs The Necronomicon". One that maybe has nothing to do with (or isnt heavy on and/or explains it like the title scene from Army of Darkness) the cabin or the origin story, but just the aftermath. Ash following the book, and the plague of evil it takes with it, through different dimensions/time. Think Sliders meets The Walking Dead. Don't believe me? Here are some reasons why Ash vs The Necronomicon could be one of the best TV shows EVER!


There is a trend in TV now-a-days to make every main character, whether it be a man or a woman, extraordinary in either intellect or are financially solid with their station in life. They either use that intellect to become increasingly good at something, or their situation, in order to use the skills they either are trained to acquire or already have. Ashley Williams, well (HA!!) he knows nothing besides how to improvise. He is THE regular guy, wise but not smart. He works in a super market and is extremely over confident. That's it, he has no insane knowledge of anything, just a keen ability to follow instructions and a giant set of balls. Our heroes do not have to know everything, or even be good at anything damnit. Shit, Ash is always one fuck up away from ending the entire world at all times, which is what would make the show interesting. Not only that, he has already been driven to the brink of insanity and survived by saying FUCK YOU to letting the situations outlandishness get the best of him, and chop chop chopping his own hand off in order to stop the entity.

Well maybe it got to him a little.....
Well maybe it got to him a little.....

The point is, Ash is who we wish we were in times that chaos takes control of our world. We do not cower, we do not cry, we reload our double barrel (with one hand no less) call it an "ugly fuck" and blow its head off. Why you may ask? Cuz thats what MAN do! Which is why everyone loves Darrel so much on The Walking Dead , not because he is the smartest, but because he is self reliant and does what needs to be done. You take that same type of character, throw him in an Evil Dead scenario, and I guarantee an Ashley Williams look-a-like will pop out on the other side.


I am not sure if you are aware but "Army of Darkness vs ________" is one hell of a comic. Ash can go anywhere! Time and Space are not factors within the restraints of the story. Don't believe me, check this out...

Yeah, this happened.
Yeah, this happened.

And its because of the versatility of the Ash character. He can be put anywhere, drop out of the sky into any timeline, be paired up with any person/team in history, literature, movies.

The possibilities are endless for story arches, but the villain will always of course be The Necronomicon and/or the people who find and try to manipulate the book for power. If your having trouble, imagine Sauron's "One Ring" from Lord of the Rings just dropping out of nowhere and some kid finding it. Also, this artifact itself has its own personality while harboring an intense nemesis(tic?) hatred for Ash. Its kinda like a supernatural Professor Moriarty to Ash's idiot savant Sherlock Holmes. Honestly, I doubt you can go wrong because it will add something new to the otherwise mundane riff raff we see executed on TV now-a-days.


Look, I love The Walking Dead for what it is, a show about the zombie apocalypse in a real world type of scenario. I think I had been waiting my whole life to see something as bad-ass as that on network TV. But, I hate to say it, it's a bit boring. There is no comedic relief, they turned it into what the comic is which is a serious drama, and I applaud that. Then they throw all the gore you can handle, which is wonderful. So to me it is still a great show.

But you can't honestly say with the straight face that if you were watching it, and they saw a guy fall from the sky with a double Barrel Shotgun, a Chainsaw crudely attached to his arm, throwing one liners as he basically takes out an entire regiment of zombies by himself as the rest of the group watches in awe...That. that in itself wouldn't make it a better show. I mean fuck, my imagination just got a boner from typing that, so I know it would be great.

Hell, I do not want a soap-opera with zombies and gore. I want a epic tale of one man vs the impossible with gore. I do not want that character to be bogged down with negative thoughts, depression, fears and anxieties. I want the main character to be a Man: suck it up, and go kick some ass while talking shit. Coming up with solutions on the fly (He made a fucking prosthetic hand in the dark ages?!?! Why? Because he is Ash Williams, case rested!) and killing deadites. Not because he is smart, but because pure gasoline and hate run through his veins for that bastard book, and he wants to end it for his own reasons (all with a wit sharper than the blade on his chainsaw). Ash could make killing deadites as fun as the first time you saw From Dusk Till Dawn and heard Seth Gecko (George Clooney) utter that timeless phrase, "Alright vampire killers, lets kill some fuckin' VAMPIRES!" Crank up that jackhammer/stake gizmo then roll out some vengeful bloody chest fucking "Stempunk Van Helsing" style shit on those evil bastards.

That feeling, only every episode...

Then there would be moments like this .....

Why you little!
Why you little!

and that would make for one of the most frightfully funny shows ever.


Each episode could be more different than the next. Like Sliders; each one could be a quest to get back home, because that's all the character really wants, and it would drive him deeper and deeper into lands unknown. He wants to get back home to have everything return to normal, and he knows the book can give him that, and the book knows it too. He could be tossed from reality to reality preventing/repairing a devastation that has already been created by the book. Like the fucking Kwai Chang Caine of interdenominational supernatural ass kicking. He could meet different versions of himself, meet some of the greatest people from history i.e. Ash vs ANYONE, and at the end he Zaps off after the book into a totally different place. It doesn't just have to be deadites he faces off with either. He could face demons, ghosts, angles, etc the list goes on and on and on. He could do it too. I mean Marvel already had him go against their entire line-up.

Also, Ash could have sidekicks. Random famous people from history that he either passes or interacts with but is ignorant to who they really are in terms of history. Which is one of the beauties of the character, he isn't deep, so each episode he learns from scratch about when/where he may be and how to kill whatever it is the book has summoned (or what the book influenced someone else to summon) and kick its ass before seeing the book retreating, which would take "us the audience" further and further down a twisted Lovecraftian rabbit hole of epic proportions.


Sam Raimi is rumored to be making an Evil Dead 4 but I doubt it. As much as my nerd optimism wants me too believe it, I just don't see how. Because, there are 2 endings to the original Ash vs Army of Darkness, and I would guess they would go with the theatrical version. Don't get me started on how the directors cut ending was/is the best ending set up for a bad-ass post-apocalyptic "Ash vs Mad Max" movie.

Or a badass GWAR Video
Or a badass GWAR Video

But either way, the new generation only knows the new Evil Dead re-make (which I liked, even though it was all kind of just a long bloody metaphor for addiction). So why not start there? Start with Ash looking for the book and coming upon a single-handed girl passed out in the woods, he brings her back to the cabin and looks for the book only to have it gone somehow (hillbillies?) and he goes after it, she wakes up and follows him. Could go all Lone Wolf and Cub on the story. Where he teaches her for a bit and then Ash dies and she takes the reigns of the whole Quest to destroy the book. Its really up to the people who write it, but if someone could pull off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D then they could do this easily. Which they sort of did in the comic already...

These artist really do not like buttons. Me either.
These artist really do not like buttons. Me either.


In conclusion cinemaphiles, I believe that however you stack it Ash and his quest to destroy the dastardly book, find romance, get revenge, all while retaining the manly bad-ass-ness we all know and love from our favorite shotgun wielding every-man would/could make for one of the best shows on Television.

If they ever make it...


Do You Think an "Ash vs The Necronomicon" makes for a good TV show?


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