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So I am pretty sure everyone agrees that we’re all excited for the new [Godzilla](movie:45291) movie. I remember when the first one came out back in 1998. And now 16 years later we’re getting a re-boot of our favourite city-destroying Lizard. Adapted many times from Stop-motion animation and CGI, he is back and fiercer then ever.

So what do we think of the trailers we’ve seen so far?

The first trailer was such a tease but I loved it. The soldiers all-parachuting out of the plane, red smoke, disaster strikes the city and a glimpse of the monster itself with a huge roar. I got chills down my back the first trailer was EPIC!!

Second trailer I must say blew me away, they showed quite a lot of footage however wasn’t so overly done like some other trailers which give a lot away. However we saw some scenes from the first trailer but some new footage was added. I am happy that the whole time we never really saw much of Godzilla himself until the very end when the doors closed in on him and we saw his face.

I know I'll be booking my IMAX ticket for Godzilla, will you? What do you think about the new re-boot of Godzilla? Comment below and lets discuss…

Laylla :)

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