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It's time for Halloween..... lets revisit some of the Legends about our favorite monsters, places, ghosts, hauntings, origins, and so on.

To start us off, what is the origins of Halloween anyway? It is not just about dressing up and candy here people. Although that is a lot of fun. LOL made this a spoiler people!

The Origin of Halloween night actually comes from a few areas.

1. The Christians: turn this yearly festival into All Hallows Eve which is where we get the word today Halloween from.

2. The Pagans; Ancient Celtic used to celebrate the end of the harvest season on October 31st in a big festival called "Samhain" or summers end.

Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” and "Champ"


This Story is similar to that of Nessie. Champ was first sight and recorded sightings started around 1819 by the early settlers of the area. Champe is said to around 25 to 30 feet in length.

Unlike "Nessie" there is a photo that science could not call a fake but genuine in the 1977. It was taken by Sarah Mansi and her Husband. This sighting also produced one of the best lake sighting photo’s to date. The photo has been analyzed by scientist and it was concluded not to be a fake but a creature that could possibly be a plesiosaur surviving from centuries ago.

The Manis photo of Champ
The Manis photo of Champ

The location in Canada is that of Lake Champlain. The 109 mile long Lake Champlain is located on the boarders of New York and Vermont. Which is said to sustain such a creature with depths in the ranges of 400 ft and being an outlet to the open Atlantic Ocean.

Loch Ness is located in the North of Scotland and Champ is found in Canada


Nessie has had recorded sightings since the 600s! With more sightings record in history since then. This photo above is said to be a fake from the 1933s area. THE Scottish lock has become a tourist location to say the least for scientist and the public. Trying to figure out what Nessie is and if it is even real at all. The Lock is very deep in fact its twenty two and a half miles long and between one and one and a half miles wide with depths in the range of 750-800 ft.

Does Nessie and Champ truly exist and is just waiting to be discovered ? However, who really knows? Right a dinosaur alive in our time? Right? LOL Hello, Birds for a starter are. So who knows, we need the world of wonder.

Some Films about this include:

  • Legends of the Deep, The Water Horse
  • Magic in the Water
  • Legends of Loch Ness
  • Loch Ness
  • Beneath Loch Ness
  • Mea Shee
  • Orky

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle also known as “Devil’s Triangle” where many cheaper things happen. The Bermuda Triangle is an area or region of the in the Atlantic Ocean. So many tails come out of the area from Atlantis, Aliens, Sea Gases, missing ships, planes, boast, the list goes on.

Five Navy Bombers in 1945 went missing never to be seen again. What happen to them? There are many, many theories on that. The main being the Bermuda Triangle.

The Mary Celeste which was found in 1972 with no one on board, everyone disappeared! This ship come from Portugal across the Ocean and was found complete abandoned none of the Crew of Passengers where found.

Mary Celeste
Mary Celeste

TO help you see where this crazy location is see below. The Bermuda Triangle spans from Miami, FL to San Juan Puerto over the the Bermuda Islands chain

Some films about the Bermuda Triangle include:

  • The Triangle
  • 1978 THe Bermuda Triangle
  • Lost Voyage
  • Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Devils Triangle

Vampire, The

Dracula origins, was there a real Dracula? Yes, there was but not quite what we think of him as today.

Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler, or King Vlad of Walachia (aka Romania today) in the 1431 did not drink blood but did love to spill it. Lots of it, he would impale his enemies and victims alike.

He was very feared and legends of him drinking the blood spread, never proven however. He did inspirer Bram Stokers 1897 novel title Dracula, which today has been turned into many types of films and created a whole film franchises around it.

Some films include:

  • 'Nosferatu the Vampire' (1922)
  • Dracula 1931
  • Queen of the Damned
  • Twilight Saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn)
  • Dark Shadows
  • The Strain
  • 40 Days of Night
  • Interview with an Vampire
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Blade Trilogy
  • Daybreakers
  • From Dusk til Dawn
  • Fright Night
  • Stokers Dracula
  • Dracula Dead and Loving It
  • Bloodrayne
  • Dracula -season one
  • True Blood
  • The Lost Boys

Look for Part Two Soon! Up next teh Yeti, Ghosts, Zombies, Death Worms, Witches, Sasquatch, Werewolves and much more to come!


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