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Next Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is titled "Us," and here is a brief synopsis of it:

However brutal some survivors believe they must be to stay alive, we get to see that faith can sometimes be the strongest survival tool

From this synopsis, coupled with the fact that the episode is titled "Us," it can be predicted that this episode will feature several mini-groups trying to stay together in order to have the best chance to continue surviving the zombie apocalypse. Some rely on brutality to survive, like the group Daryl just encountered, while others rely on faith, like Glenn's strong belief in finding Maggie alive. With "The Grove" having pretty much set the tone for the rest of the season, this episode should serve as a great cliffhanger/segue for the events that will transpire during the season finale. For now, though, here is a promo and two sneak peeks for "Us:"


OMG! Is Daryl in trouble? It looked like he was just about to get beat up by those guys he is with. Let's hope he gets the upper hand somehow. If Daryl dies, we riot!

Sneak Peek #1:

I think that Abraham sees something special in Tara. I have no idea what yet, but he seems to like spending time talking to her. There is no way Tara is in love with Glenn, as he suggested. But, she could be attracted to Rosita. If that is the case, a brawl for her affection could ensue between Tara and Abraham. It's unlikely, but it would be interested to see! Sadly, I am not so sure that Tara will be around for very long.

Sneak Peek #2:

Okay, that idiot is asking either for a punch in the nose, a kick in the groin, an arrow to his forehead, or a knife to his chest (as the promo teases)! So just because he might have spotted the rat first means that it's his? Get real, man! I bet he can't hunt like Daryl can, nor wield a crossbow as effectively as Daryl. All I know is that Daryl better get rid of that guy as quickly as possible, or find a way of escaping that group he is with. He is still emotionally affected by Beth's kidnapping, and I am sure he wants nothing more than to go searching for her. How dare that guy call Beth a b*tch! But, Daryl knows that he had to join that group because they would have killed him if he didn't. Daryl is smart and experienced, so there is no denying that he may gain an advantage somehow. I also hope Beth is found alive, though the chances of that happening are very slim at best.


Based on the videos, how do you think "Us" will turn out?


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