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"The Grove" was probably the best episode in this second half of the season. We start out with a scene that shows up again later in the episode, Lizzie playing with her bff walker. Whoopty do she's coocoo. After the show's typical intro, we watch Carol and Lizzie talk about Sophia. Carol says "there wasn't a mean bone in her body" and Lizzie says that must be why she died. Geez kid, no need to be a butthole to the closest thing you have to a mother.

Anyway, the next day while they're walking, they take a break. A walker falls down and Tyreese goes to kill it and Lizzie begs him not to. At this point I'm thinking to myself how the walker's right leg fell in the hole, but when Tyreese gets there it's the left leg in the hole. It's the little thing in the life. While this is happening, Carol and Mika are out patrolling and looking for grub. They're talking about how Lizzie thinks the walkers are living and just sick people. Mika knows the difference and refuses to kill people while they're living. We get to the house and Mika, Lizzie, and Judith chill outside while Tyreese and Carol check the house to make sure it's safe. Well, Mika is getting sassy with her sister about not killing walkers but it's not a long argument before a walker falls outside of the door. Lizzie is freaking out and Mika takes care of it. Good job girl, way to take care of business. While Lizzie is freaking out, her sister tells her to look at the flowers to keep her relaxed.

We get back to the scene from the beginning of the show, Carol runs out of the house and kills Lizzie's friend and she yells at Carol. Moving forward a little bit, Mika discovers that Lizzie has been the one feeding the walkers with rats this whole time, and tells her to get away from it because she wanted to stick her hand in its mouth. Next up the Burnt Walkers barge out of the woods. This scene reminds me of leveling up in a video game, you get harder competition. Well they're running away from the walkers and Mika trips! Now you feel the suspense because you think she's about to be bit, but Carol and Tyreese come to save the day! Thank goodness, that wouldn't have been a good way to send her packing.

The whole crew talk in the living room and Lizzie says that she knows what she has to do. Well you think that she knows now that she has to kill walkers.... but nope. Anyway, Carol and Tyreese go for a walk and the "Karen and David" scandal is brought up. They hug things out, Carol still keeping her dirty little secret about the whole thing. What happens next is truly horrific...

The next scene is us seeing Lizzie stand with blood covered hands, Mika dead on ground, and Judith innocently chilling there like nothing has happened. Carol goes to kill Mika but Lizzie pulls a gun on her, Carol talks her down saying they'll wait for Mika to come back. Tyreese takes Judith and Lizzie inside, and locks Lizzie in her room. He finds out she was feeding the walkers and took away all weapons. We can only assume Carol took care of Mika, and then she takes Lizzie for a walk. Lizzie thinks Carol is mad and starts crying and looks away. Right now, Carol tells her to look at the flowers with Lizzie clueless about what's to come. In the classic "Of Mice and Men" ending, she fills her with happy thoughts before putting her down.

In my second article, I guessed Lizzie would kill Mika but thought it's be Carl to end her life. I was wrong, Carol did it but that was a great way to do it. I'd like to take a moment and thank these two actresses, they did amazing.

At the end of the episode, Carol confesses she killed Karen and David to Tyreese. He takes a moment, and forgives her for what she did and say that they need to leave. They bury the two girls and leave the house.

In my opinion, this episode was beautiful. From start to finish, this episode was amazing. I still can't wait for them to finally find Terminus, but I'm just impatient! Anyway! Let me know your opinions below!!


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