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Nicolas Carmona

Possibly the most controversial and shocking episode of the season, I really really liked it!

Will Contain Spoilers

This week’s episode we follow only Carol, Tyreese and the girls. This was a very tenseful episode since we haven’t seen this group in a while and we have Carol who killed Karen, Tyreese’s girlfriend, and two little girls who are polar opposites of each other and on top of that we have Judith…who doesn’t do much and doesn’t even look like a burden on this episode. From the beginning we are mainly focused on Carol and her relationship with the girls, on one hand we have Lizzie who Carol says doesn’t realize what the walkers truly are, and Mika who reminds Carol of Sophia (her innocence and flee situations rather than fight).

As the episode continues we see development from each girl, we see Mika’s hopeful side, specially when she quotes her mom “things go how they are supposed to” something that hits Carol strongly; we also see how she doesn’t want to kill living things, she doesn’t mind killing walkers but when it comes to humans and animals she hesitates, something that Carol is very worried because in this world you have to fear both dead or alive. We also learn how smart Mika has turned (that smoke thing, I didn’t even know that, also on that note I am sure that was Daryl and Beth’s burning house) and I think if it hadn’t been for Lizzie her future would have been much brighter, she could be a great asset to the group.

On the other hand we have Lizze, who thinks walkers are friends and doesn’t realize the danger she is in; when she is playing with one outside the house, Carol kills the walker and Lizzie flips on her saying she was her friend and she just wanted to play, this is not normal any time but in these situations is even more than abnormal is threatening to her and to the group. As we uncover (something that most of us already knew) that Lizzie was the one feeding the walkers with rats and dissected a rabbit in the prison, we see her “darker” side coming out more and more (in quotes because she really doesn’t think she is doing anything bad); she feels strongly for walkers and nothing towards humans to the point she rather kill humans to make them turn. Here is the darkest moment, when we see that Lizzie has killed her little sister Mika hoping she will turn back as a walker. Carol and Tyreese are freaked out (like seriously did you see Tyreese’s eyes, they looked like they were going to pop out!), Carol taking control of the situation takes Lizzie inside calms her down and after discussing with Tyreese she makes a very tough decision. This came out almost page by page similar to Of Mice and Men and it was both beautiful and extremely tragic, Lizzie is crying thinking Carol is upset with her for pointing the gun at her, Carol tries to calm her down and tell her to watch the flowers (great parallel with earlier this season, something I didn’t make the connection until Talking Dead), then she shoots her in the head…

But wait this isn’t the end the episode and all the tension, here at the end we have Carol confessing to Tyreese of what she did and to her shock he forgives her, which makes sense she was doing something for the good of everyone and it’s not like he has anybody else and if we learned something last episode is that being alone in the zombie apocalypse is not something to be desired (a lot of people are talking about what Rick did, but in contrast, Rick had to look out for the group and he has known Carol, this isn’t the Carol he knows. Also the only one that can forgive Carol is Tyreese not Rick..)

As hard and dark this episode was, it was also very necessary and very interesting. On the interesting part, we finally have some questions answered (for the ones that didn’t get it that Lizzie was the one feeding walkers), also we started closing chapters for instance Carol and Tyreese regarding Karen’s death; at the same time we sort of start a new path, they are heading to Terminus and after they went through and knowing what they know these characters will develop into something new. Another interesting part was that as many people, me included, had been saying Lizzie represented Ben from the comics, even though the story was different the same outcome happened, she killed her little sister, which brings up an interesting question, how do you raise children with zombies around, some might not get it that they were once people and some might treat them as pets, I feel this is something we are going to explore later on the season. Lastly I want to say Brighton Sharbino, Lizzie, did an amazing performance, like everyone else in this episode, but her was outstanding not only did she bring creepy and weird but also you felt sorry for her and in her lunatic moments she gave me chills on how great those scenes were. Sad to see her and Mika go, great little actresses that might have had great stories in the future but now this changes a lot in the eyes of the characters and even more in the eyes of the viewers and shows that [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is not afraid of killing children so horribly like they did and that is one of the reasons I really like this show they are not afraid of going outside the box, similarly to GoT, they show us how things really are and not sugar coat it at all. Two more episodes and the group is still apart what is going to happen in Terminus and what is going to happen to Daryl with the bad gang? What did you think of this episode?


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