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The Avengers: Age of Ultron rounded out its cast a while back, and although Marvel has announced the roles for the newcomers such as Elizabeth Olsen and James Spader, there remains one casting choice shrouded in mystery.

South Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun -- aka Claudia Kim -- has been lined up for the superhero ensemble sequel but the exact nature of her role has been kept under wraps. Asked at a press conference for Captain America: The Winter Soldier about who she would be playing in The Avengers 2, she remained coy, replying:

I am a doctor/scientist who is friends with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). But I can't give you more information; my lips are sealed for now. It's very secretive.

Check out the interview in full below:

Being sworn to secrecy by Marvel has got fanboys speculating that Claudia Kim could be lined up for a much more important role than first thought, with some suggesting she could be playing the iconic Ms Marvel.

And then super superhero scooper Elmayimbe tweeted this:

So with her role being kept a secret, is Elmayimbe suggesting Claudia Kim could be set to don the suit of Ms Marvel? It would certainly be an interesting choice and -- due to the history of the character -- one that could possibly upset fans.

That being said, this is still just speculation, so I wouldn't be losing my s--t just yet if I was you. Still, it is fun to think about.


Would Claudia Kim be a good Ms Marvel?


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