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Joel Fortunato

Doughboy Clothing has just released a Kickstarter Campaign, to launch our line of baking themed movie parody t-shirts. Run by me, Joel Fortunato, a baker, with a vision of joining my passion of whacky cakes and awesome movies, and putting them on something you can wear.

My idea was not just for you to buy a t-shirt. I wanted something different to other clothing brands. With crazy big graphics and loads of colours, the unique point of this brand is the way we package our t-shirts. We put them in a 25x15cm vinyl collectable cupcake, with attitude, toy.

My vision doesn’t stop there. Once the company is up and running, I will be looking, with the help of the community, to build an indoor skate park, with a community centre where kids, teens, and young adults can come in, chill out, play some games, have a good time and learn some skills on the computer. Skills like graphic design or web design, anything we can offer really. Maybe help them to make themselves a sick skate video to show some sponsors!!

To hear more or to check us out and pre-order a tee please check out our Kickstarter campaign.


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