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Video games have had a hard time translating into movies over the years. Be it the disgrace that was the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie to the 1995 Mortal Kombat catastrophe. But it has not been all bad, with movies like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Hitman that were actually pretty good (despite what Rotten Tomatoes says). I think that video game based movies do have a chance in the business, but they need to be done right. With movies like Assassin's Creed being released in 2015 and possibly a Mass Effect movie in the works, it seems like we're going to get some good game-based movies down the line. Here are some game franchises that I think could make good movies.

God of War

I'm pretty sure that this movie is in the works already, but I'm still going to use it as one of them. The God of War series has been a great storytelling experience, well worth a movie adaptation. From a guy who knows a lot about Greek mythology, I'd say that God of War is probably one of the most accurate depictions of the Greek gods in media. The world of the Greek gods and goddesses is very dark, bloody, and pretty messed up. Unlike Disney's Hercules, God of War nails the dark tone of Greek mythology. Even some Greek mythology movies nowadays are not even close to accurate to their source material (spoilers, Hera is not Hercules's mother), however God of War can provide some of that as well, despite the fact that Kratos is not a mythological character. Sure, the movie would probably be rated R, but there are a lot of Greek mythology movies that are rated R for the exact same reason God of War would, gore. The movie(s) would provide us with an accurate depiction of Greek mythology, a protagonist who you can understand and actually sympathize for, and some pretty badass action scenes.


Again, another situation where the movie would have to be rated R. But despite the rating I still think that a BioShock movie would be fantastic. Ignoring the intense gore of the games, the BioShock games have great stories. The BioShock games do retain a big presence of politics and religion, which their depictions between different games can be taken different ways. I think storytelling like that would be interesting to see in a movie. Also I think that they should have the story of the original BioShock game rather than the story of BioShock Infinite, even though the story of Infinite was really good, just for the sake of starting with the original.

The Elder Scrolls

Unlike the last two, this adaptation wouldn't necessarily have to be rated R or start with the story of a specific game. I think that the games in the series weren't gory enough that the movie would HAVE to be R-rated (not to mention most of the fans of these games are under 18 anyway). Also, I think that the series could really start at any point within the five games. I doubt that the first movie would be Arena, yet I'm not sure if they would go straight to Daggerfall. I wouldn't necessarily agree with it but I would understand if they just made a Skyrim movie. I don't exactly know where they would start and if it would spawn a series, or if they would combine elements from each of the games. In my opinion, I would really like a movie for Oblivion. Wherever or however they start I think that the movies would be really good.

Team Fortress 2

Here's where I start to get a little crazy. Being mainly a PC gamer, one of my favorite FPS's to play is by far Team Fortress 2. The game is fun, wacky, campy and just a riot to play. Much more different than its predecessor, which really was just a mod of Quake. Despite that it's a multiplayer-only game, there is a story that the game can follow that would not only make the movie good but keep it at a PG-13 rating. Anyone who's played TF2 knows of the "Mann vs. Machine" co-op game mode. The game actually has a running storyline in comics, and the explanation of how the game mode came to be was also explained in the comics. If you want to know a basic lore of TF2 and Mann vs. Machine, watch these two videos by the LORE channel (TF2 lore, MvM lore). My idea was that Gray Mann would try to take over Mann Co. with his army of robots. The Australian CEO of Mann Co., Saxton Hale, would hire mercenaries to fight them off. It would provide a new origin story to the game and would still be really cool. I also hope that the tone of the movie is less ridiculous than the game, but would still have a comedic tone.

Mega Man

Before you read this I suggest you watch this 4 and a half minute fan film created by Olan Rogers called "Mega Man X". I really like this video and I think that it displays that a Mega Man movie can be created with a serious tone to it. The Mega Man game series, despite its apparrent light tone, does have a serious message within it, which Olan Rogers displays perfectly within this fan film. The theme revolves around the first law in Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics", that rule being that a robot should never harm a human being. The games as well as the fan film are displaying that the character Mega Man, despite being such an amazing and beautiful technology, is very dangerous. The games occasionally put into question if Mega Man, or any intelligent robot for that matter, were to be intelligent enough to break that law, purposely. I think that the film revolving around that theme alone would make a great, serious-toned movie.

Those are five games or game franchises that I think would make great movies. I know that game movies have had a bad rep but I think if it can be done right, these games would make really good movies. Tell me what you think in the comments.


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