ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

In a recent interview with headmaster of all things at Marvel, Kevin Feige, he was asked about the future of diversity on the lead role, mainly female superheroes taking the lead.

His basic response was "I don't know"; they seem to have a lot things in the works and a lot options but as of right now they don't have anything decided for any future female superheroes appearing on the big screen (though he did say that he really wanted to have a new and original female superhero, so that would be cool).

Where does this leave us, nowhere new really, we know the upcoming movies and even though all of them have male leading characters, they have pretty good female supporting roles like [Black Widow Solo Movie](movie:1070824), and in the upcoming movies we will have Scarlet Witch and Gamora.

Even though these news stories are disappointing, especially because I really want to see [Ms. Marvel](movie:949779) on the big screen, I have a feeling that we might see things more developed in this area once [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) comes out. The reason, because this is their biggest risk they are taking, I mean selling a talking raccoon to the general audience can be pretty though, but if they succeed with this movie I am pretty sure female superheroes will be on the table more and more often and we might get one for the 2016/2017 dates or maybe after phase 3.


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