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Snow White has has so many version of it which is your favorite??

The basic Story , we have a young princess with cheeks as white snow, lips at red a blood, hair as black as ...and so on. Her mother dies bring her into the world.

Then her father remarries and that is the Evil Queen who is so jealously.

After the wedding depending on the story, she either kills, in prisons or does something to Snow White's Father.

That she tries to have Snow killed by a huntsmen in the woods. But instead of doing that he lets her go. Or depending on the version helps her and fights with her.

Snow is taken in by seven dwarfs who watch over her and protect her from the Queen, while try to anyway.

The Queen finds out and depending on the version tries to kill Snow White with a Combs, Corset, and an Apple.

When she is east the Apple is falls into a deep deathlike sleep.

Only true love's kiss brings her back, this would be when again depending on the version the Prince, dwarf, outlaw, or Huntsman kiss her.

And then they Lived happily ever after, or again depending on the verizon have bing battle with the Evil Queen.

And in some version they become parents ! LIke in Once Upon a Time

So, which version is your favorite anyway?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 version of the film, and she is the first Disney Princess


Snow White and Tale of Terror

Snow White MGMG 1980s

Snow White and the Huntsmen

The Huntsmen

Mirror, Mirror

Snow White Appeared in Sherk

Snow White Play was in Saved by the Bell Remember when Jesse was Snow White and the Prince was Zack!

Snow White of course was on Sophia the 1st

The Brothers Grim's pick any version, snow usually turns up!

Red Riding Hood


Sleeping Beauty

Wizard of Oz


Beauty and the Beast

Ann of Green Gables

Sailor Moon


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