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Just Brilliant! “ The Grove,” was indeed an awakening to putting all the pieces together to gain a far better understanding of these characters. Insanely, huge amazing episode about defining difficult decisions aided by lessons learned, in a world that has gone horribly awry. Without a doubt there is an understanding of why Carol killed Karen and David at the prison in the terms of her mindset. Carol now does what needs to be done without question without permission. Carol is no longer that passive abused wife, she is a widow that is not just surviving but attempting to live in a world that is filled with the dead walking the earth. Carol makes no excuses for what she does to live or for the continued existence of the group.

Carol explaining to Tyreese the odd fascination that Lizzie has with the “walkers” and how opposite Mika is from Lizzie is a surrogate mother telling how different the girls are from each other. Yet, undertones of how both can be a danger to the group. However when the “crispy walkers” appear both blonde hair sisters run toward Tyreese/Carol. Yet the sisters don’t fail to fire their guns. My gosh, it remained me of the OK Corral…shootout. Furthermore during the shootout Carol looked at Mika as Miyagi looked at Daniel in the Karate Kid with pride but concern. However there is remorse for Lizzie and Mika and killing the crispy walkers, and when Lizzie says “I know what I must do” is creepy/hair-raising because she looks at her sister (Mika). You know at that time Lizzie will kill again and she will kill her sister. For Lizzie the walkers are relatable people even playmates that live forever. Walkers are Lizzie’s playfellows, she feeds them, play with them, and considers them individuals with feelings therefore she has compassion for them. So, for Lizzie to kill her sister is a form of affection/love and empathy in solidarity toward the “walkers.” Carol telling Lizzie to look at the flowers as Mika did but this time Lizzie didn't have to count to three before the shot rang toward her head.

After all Rick said...”We don’t kill the living.” But then again Rick isn't around is he? “The Grove 4.14” episode was just Brilliant Sunday night...redemption, truth, forgiveness, correction, realization, sacrifice, conclusions and death. Lesson learned that you do have to kill the living. The acting by the actors was amazing. I have a high regard for acting that can evoke a reaction from me. The mid-season clearly adds enrichment to the forth-coming seasons in the terms you have a far better understanding of the characters. Bravo! Bravo!


Did Lizze deserve to die?


Did you wipe back tears for Lizzie and Mika or just Mika?


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