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So anyone born after the 80's may or may not know what this is about. But Bananaman was a British comic strip about a boy named Eric Wimp, that was later changed to Eric Twinge. He would eat a banana and transform into a blue suited super hero who battled food named villains like Captain Cream, and Evil Taco. The show gained enough popularity in Britain that Nickelodeon Cable Network picked it up. Though the show never reached the level of success in the US that it did in Britain, it still brings back fond "Superhero" memories from when I was a kid.

With that being said, and all taken with a HUGE grain of salt, -linked to a domain registered last year - seems to be a DC Thomson one, and it teases that we should "Peel the power." Furthermore, it also reveals that the project involves Elstree Studio Productions, with a 2015 release date tease.


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