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Gotham, the upcoming series from Fox, will track the early years of Batman's Gotham City, focusing on the future Commissioner Jim Gordon's rise from a lowly detective to the top of the police force.

The show has already sparked much speculation as to which villains will appear - and has spawned one possibly real, possibly fake leaked script - but now the very first images of a villain has appeared. And as predicted, it's the Penguin.

We see in these images a young, sinister Oswald Cobblepot who is yet to put on the weight that will give him his infamous shape. But there is a resemblance. Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the villain, looks slimy and crooked, and maybe more real and gritty and less of a cartoon than the famous Danny DeVito version.

Take a look at the pictures here. Is this the best on-screen Penguin yet?

(On a side note, can anyone make out the headline of that newspaper? I think it says something like "Cops Slay Waynes", which would be an interesting plot twist for the first episode, but I can't quite read the first word. Write in below if you think you have worked it out!)

The Penguin smirks as he reads the newspaper
The Penguin smirks as he reads the newspaper
Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin
Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin
The Penguin wears sunglasses
The Penguin wears sunglasses

So what do you think? Do you like the look of this Penguin? What did the newspaper say? And do you think this is the right look for the early days of Gotham?

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Who makes be the best on-screen Penguin?


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