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I think we may have discovered Kristen Stewart's favourite ever movie set to work on! The famously solemn star is STILL smiling on the set of 'Still Alice' and it looks like her gorgeous grim might be here to stay. Hurrah!

It seems that growing into the star she has always wanted to be has done KStew a world of good, and making her own path through a maze of Indie flicks has certainly improved her public image.

It seems almost ridiculous to continue referring to the stars famously moody demeanour because she seems so much more chipper these days. Check out the images below as proof!

Who knows what it is about [Still Alice](movie:1168550) that Kristen is finding so fun, but I am glad that the production seems to be suiting her so well. One things for sure, it definitely isn't the storyline which is centred around early onset alzheimer's disease.

Hey, for all I know, maybe they just have an absolutely epic buffet trailer on set, but anything that makes Kristen Stewart grin like that has to be a good thing!

Are you guys looking forwards to seeing KStew flex her acting muscles in the challenging 'Still Alice'? Hit me up in the comments below!


Kristen Stewart seems more happy these days because...

(Source: The Daily Mail via ABACAUSA)

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