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Anne Parsons

Hold up. I'm still waiting to see Dwayne Johnson in Hercules, aren't you? It's obviously too hard to keep up with the man, who has already released a picture of himself on the set of his new film, San Andreas.

The photo, which he posted on Instagram, shows The Rock in a harness and flight gear, walking away from a helicopter as the propellers kick up some dust.

Puttin' in a lot of hard ass work and proud to play my next role... Los Angeles Fire Department Air Squadron Rescue. Shooting starts in 4 weeks. Biggest earthquake of all time hits... SAN ANDREAS.

[San Andreas](movie:407579), which is scheduled to hit theaters June 5, 2015, centers around the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, along the San Andreas fault line. The Rock plays a rescue-helicopter pilot who makes a treacherous journey across the state in order to rescue his daughter.

(Source: ComicBook, Instagram)


The Rock's best role to date is...


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